Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blessings of the creative fire

Blessings of the Winter Solstice to you!
Here is the fire at a beautiful ceremony Miss Marigold attended with friends in the country this weekend. Today she will be visiting a Mother Oak in the city of Melbourne, & tonight shall make her observances within the privacy of the apple & elder grove in the garden on the Misty Mountain.

Soon the cold will really begin to bite, even though the days will be longer! Frost Faeries will decorate the naked garden, & we shall all enjoy looking at it magically transformed into lace!

How do you celebrate the turning of the year? I hope you enjoy a deeply peaceful season.

May the fires of creativity birth something new & wonderful in your life.

Happy New Year!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Winter Arwen, Snow & Fae Invasion

Oh Dear, Sister Cellulitus is very cold, sitting out under the pot plants minding the ivy..........
Treadwell thinks she is far too small to be trusted!
It has snowed this week around the magic lamp post!

But, Miss Marigold has been warm & snug, getting on with her work! Well, between going to a wonderful Goddess Gathering at Gaia's Garden, Samhuin with The Melbourne Grove, & the long awaited, fantastical splendiforous Spiral Dance & Damh the Bard concert at Bar 303 in Northcote. What a wonderful crowd! It is a year since she enjoyed the experience of so many Pagan people coming together in 1 place! Thanks Adrienne & Damh & Cerri! If you don't know Spiral or Damh, Mr Google can assist. I highly recommend Druidcast on Itunes if you like nice music & meaningful discussions mixed with gentle humour.

They faery invasion has arrived, & Marigold has embraced the fantastical. She is thoroughly enjoying the great whoosh of Arwen that has been flowing for the past few weeks. A Druid's work is never done.........always more things to make & learn & enjoy.

She is selling gloves, woolen needle-felted Wild Faeries, painted muslin Rainbow Scarves & cloths & her famous stripey Mountain Pixie Socks.
Have a peek..........

You can buy Marigold's makings by leaving a comment & she will contact you by email if you'd
like her to. These paricular old-fashioned mittens can be purchased at Epoche, a beautiful Steiner Shop located in the village of Kallista - well worth a trip to Melbourne's Hills just to visit this little haven.

Wild Faeries are constantly manifesting. Soon the art room on the Mtn. will be bursting!

These Faeries have made their way into The Grove Wholistic Center for Women's Spirituality in Brunswick. Marigold highly recommends this beautiful organisation to women who want to explore their spirituality no matter what form it takes, & who want to share a safe space with other like-minded people. She is teaching a course on Chakras there on Thursday nights, 7-9.30pm, starting 14th July & finishing1st Sept. only $160 all inclusive
You need to book your place in advance, so call 9383 1993 or email thegrove@netspace.net.au
if you want to be included.

Well that's probably enough for one blog! Marigold experienced a bit of ta tizzy. Protective Mr Google thought some bad goblins were attacking her account, so she couldn't get in, no matter how hard she tried. Most of you know she is a rather old-fashioned lady, & a technophobe (don't tell her that though). Anyway, she persevered, & finally convinced nice Mr Google to open the Fairweather & Friends account again. So here you are.

Blessings of the dark season when activity is hidden beneath Earth's nurturing soil,
Blessings of the cold elements, that remind us to rest & reflect,
Blessings of warm hearts, & friendships that sustain us