Monday, January 3, 2011

Summer in a strange land

I hope your Summer Solstice & Silly Season celebrations were as pleasant as mine. I enjoyed 3 shared Solstice observances, one with friends & Kangaroos for lunch, another with friends in a special garden, & one with the resident Kookaburra in my own garden. It was very pleasant to allow my world to begin to contract after so much expansion this past 6 months. Whilst it is good for me to acknowledge my successes & strengths, it is also a relief to release things that didn't reach manifestation, as well as continue to nurture those projects that require further incubation.

Xmas was a delight. Although we don't observe the religious bits, it was wonderful to have family & friends gathered under my roof to celebrate togetherness. I cooked vast amounts of vegetarian food, & generally enjoyed having everyone there. I am especially proud of my 2 sons & their partners. What superb young men & women they are!

The calendar has flipped over into 2011. I wonder, along with millions of other people, just what will unfold this year. Extreme weather around the Earth at this time is of great concern. I think we shall experience great events in the history of this planet, as the Earth finds its own balance, with little concern for the life that is upon it.

Today I am fortunate. I have been travelling again, this time back to South Australia, where I have had the pleasure of observing so many, many different landscapes. I am told the farmers in some regions are ripping out grape vines because they can't sell their wine. There is apparently a glut. At first I was surprised that farmers would be so hasty to change their source of income, but as we covered thousands of miles in the Oriental Chariot that was made by Mr Toyota, I was shocked to see vineyards as far as they eye can see. If you know how big an area South Australia covers, you will understand what I mean. There must be the equivalent area of wine-growing regions South of France, Italy, Spain, Austria & Germany all within this one Australian state. As very good wines come from other Australian regions (my local being the lovely Yarra Valley), I'm not surprised there is a glut! Just how much can people consume? I do wonder at farming practices sometimes.........Usually I'm cross about the devastating effects of monoculture upon the environment, as well as GM foods & the use of poisons & pesticides.....obviously, I'm not a farmer.......

Anyway, I am currently in the historic town of Burra, where the picture above shows you the wonderful sunset we witnessed last night. It is on the edge of the desert country of the Australian outback, & was once a mining settlement. Now it is a tourist town, with pretty stone buildings surrounded by big sheep & wheat farms & little else. We are staying in an old miner's cottage with solid stone walls & a veranda to keep out the summer sun. Actually, I must stop writing now, as we need to go outside to explore while it is still relatively cool. By afternoon,
Old Mr Fairweather & I need a siesta!

Blessings of the turning year to you all,
may health, wealth & happiness be yours always,
with love, Marigold

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