Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hellooo again, Miss Marigold wants to show you what's she's been making in the art room all these moonths. This is the next stage of the manufacture: selling them on a stall she is sharing with a lovely friend, who shares her love of Gaia & of the Fae.

The last fair where Marigold plans to have a stall is tomorrow, & she hopes to recover some of her costs!
Any little balls of hand-painted wool left-over will come in handy for 2012's Mountain Pixie Socks etc., & the muslin veils are useful year round anyway.

Some needle felted Faeries have been put onto felted garlands, & a few are left loose for Xmas stocking fillers....
Marigold is having a rest from making them. They are even more labour intensive than knitting! However, she is about to begin some new projects.

As her Fae friend says, the fingers are itching to begin something new! If you look on Etsy, you will find Faedale, which is Marigold's Fair Friend's shop.

This commercial aspect life is very interesting for such an old-fashioned lady as Marigold, who likes to play shops very much, but is still working out how to make a profit!
Another dear friend, Miss Lily, who has been studying these things, says it is perfectly possible to make the income exceed the expenditure, so Marigold remains optimistic that she will one day have enough customers, & enough stock!

Blessings of successful fairs in bucketing Melbourne rain, & incomings exceeding outgoings!

Blessings of

Hello Everyone, I wonder who lives in here? We saw it on one of our rambles....mysterious....

And so is this place......
Spring has come & gone, & now Summer is shyly showing its two faces. Some days, brilliant sunshine that send Treadwell & me scuttling for the shade, & others where the sky is low & dark, & thunder & lightning keep us awake, as seemingly endless rain pours & pours in rivulets over the topsoil of the garden.

In our part of the world, November is a very "in-between" season, & spectacular storms are often seen. Soon it will be time for the "cherry hail", which damages the crop annually.

Treadwell & I spent some time at the beach again, & how happy he looks lately!

Blessings of every happy thing,
with love,
Miss Marigold & Mr Treadwell