Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blessings of the creative fire

Blessings of the Winter Solstice to you!
Here is the fire at a beautiful ceremony Miss Marigold attended with friends in the country this weekend. Today she will be visiting a Mother Oak in the city of Melbourne, & tonight shall make her observances within the privacy of the apple & elder grove in the garden on the Misty Mountain.

Soon the cold will really begin to bite, even though the days will be longer! Frost Faeries will decorate the naked garden, & we shall all enjoy looking at it magically transformed into lace!

How do you celebrate the turning of the year? I hope you enjoy a deeply peaceful season.

May the fires of creativity birth something new & wonderful in your life.

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. And a deeply peaceful season right back at you, Ms Marigold. May you dance naked through your apple and elder grove :)

    How am I celebrating the turning of the year? By turning from my inner daemons and turning to a canvas pad and some paints. And a clay sculpture as well. The very best kind of celebration where the creative bubble bursts open again that sweet juice runs out.

    (No price can be had for that juice, neither can it be purchased at a supermarket, thankfully) :)

    Happy New Year, Ms Fairweather and to you and yours (including that lovely Mr Treadwell).