Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello Everyone, I wonder who lives in here? We saw it on one of our rambles....mysterious....

And so is this place......
Spring has come & gone, & now Summer is shyly showing its two faces. Some days, brilliant sunshine that send Treadwell & me scuttling for the shade, & others where the sky is low & dark, & thunder & lightning keep us awake, as seemingly endless rain pours & pours in rivulets over the topsoil of the garden.

In our part of the world, November is a very "in-between" season, & spectacular storms are often seen. Soon it will be time for the "cherry hail", which damages the crop annually.

Treadwell & I spent some time at the beach again, & how happy he looks lately!

Blessings of every happy thing,
with love,
Miss Marigold & Mr Treadwell

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