Friday, January 31, 2014

Colour Working

Colour, which is a reflection of light, has such a strong effect upon the world, that I wonder how many people actually make much conscious use of this beautiful tool for health and happiness. Making art with colour seems like such an obvious choice, but simply playing about with colour intuitively, can be very effective in helping people alter their mood, heal their body, or focus their mind.

 There are so many ways in which it may be employed to facilitate healing and restoration: engaging in chakra work, or draping the body with coloured fabric, or painting a room a certain hue... even foods influence how we feel, not just by their taste or smell, but we choose them by their colour...

Candle magic, ceremonial correspondences, symbolic use of colour... all these things are at our fingertips... if you simply focus on a particular colour with your mind, you will embody its effect... Is this "natural magic"?

Or is it "science"...  Are they really the same thing?  Does it actually matter? After all, it's just a trick of the light.....

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