Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tidying a Druid's Garden

When considering my garden as a metaphor for my life, sometimes, I can't see beyond the path...

Just now, autumn's glory is fades to reveal the garden's structure .... and where it is lacking....

What earlier in the season seemed a wonderful tangle of wild exuberance now appears to be simply a mess, which is difficult to negotiate...

I just have to get in there, and prune, and weed, tidy and clear away all that would impede the next season's growth.... 

Sometimes, it's hard work to maintain a healthy garden, where all within it can grow harmoniously... and rewards are  mysteriously immeasurable...


  1. Snagging brambles and hidden roots can cause foot stumbles and torn skin grumbles,
    Clearing and pruning and making an effort, leads to the steering and honing of what's left.
    Seeing beyond the garden gate once it is open, invited inside your own mind as a token
    Grow what you will but take care of the thugs
    Grow only what pleases and fills your tea mugs xxx

    1. Moonkitty, I toast you with fragrant garden tea! X