Friday, November 14, 2014

Art of my heart

Good morning to you!
I'm just about to start drawing, and thinking I find this such a pleasurable activity, that I deny it to myself... This attitude is a bit dark,isn't it? Old fashioned Protestant work ethic, perhaps?

I feel guilty about doing something I love so much with no focus upon selling it... or publicity... no reason to think it will help me make my way in this world... I just love drawing, and always have...
Sometimes, I say I hate the discipline of it, but that's not the same sort of drawing as this, with which I'm about to indulge myself... this is delicious freedom... "play"... exploration, and discovery... this is adventure!

THIS is where REAL art is born... where magic can manifest... where what is needed in the world can make itself known... letting the Arwen flow

I KNOW this! So why do I struggle to make money, when I know I can make art so joyfully?

Perhaps I'll just take a chance for a while, and "play" more... I won't starve... in fact, I might even make art that people want to pay for! Ha! My heart is light...

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