Wednesday, March 4, 2015

note to self - you know what you need to know - art for the art therapist

Well, this was a surprise! There I was, thinking I should make an image of a warrior knight, or  queen - someone unassailable, because I felt rather wobbly about something...

I hauled myself back into myself, and told myself this.... intuitively, through this drawing...
.. what a surprise!

Now I'm sharing it with you, because I thought you might enjoy a reminder too...

The generations that have gone before us have left a trail of answers encoded within out D.N.A.
... just have to keep remembering this...

that is all


  1. Thank you Marigold, you would be surprised what I have been given.


  2. It is from the past and what has passed that we draw our strength and mettle our armory and from the present we shape our armoury of heart. She is like an Indian mother, silent, veiled, flowing with compassion xxx