Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blessings of Brigit

Blessings of Brigit this fine Imbolc day! Spring has arrived exactly on time! I hope you enjoy the view from the art room this afternoon. The sky was blue, the birds were singing, & just look how sparkly it is in the camelias......I think the Fae must be hiding in there somewhere........

Oh Marigold! How you have let your garden go this Winter! Now you must prepare this weedy space for Spring planting! But just look at the light! It is truly wonderful after such a long, cold season. I think I will attempt to make the vegetables & herbs much prettier this year.
Here is my poultry! The ducks are very wild & very shy this year. I do love to eavesdrop on their mutterings. The hen I made for myself out of felted knitting after being inspired by one I saw at Winterwood Toys. This girl turned out to be plumper & broodier than I had imagined, & is a perfect symbol in my workspace. She sits on the little velvet tub chair, hatching out good ideas whilst I work away, trying to do her justice. She reminds me that sometimes I have happy accidents....

So, here's to Spring, & to our dear Brigit! Just look at these lovely fat burgundy buds swelling on the Eldar Mother!

And the face in the evergreen Oak .......I didn't notice it until the camera showed it to me!

I'm off to do a bit of Spring celebrating with Mr Treadwell! Blessings of blue skies from the Not So Misty Today Mountain!

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  1. I love every thing about your world. I could read your Beautiful stories everyday. You are one person I would love meet. Post more! Your poetry eases my heavy heart.