Friday, December 9, 2011

Marigold sends her greetings

Greetings Everyone, Now that the Spring Equinox & associated commerce are behind me, & Summer's blazing heat is at last making itself felt, Your Marigold has had her nose to the grindstone, making the latest batch of Mountain Pixie socks for a rush Xmas order, avoiding sweaty knitting needles, & swotting up on the Faerie People ...... which is most enjoyable, if sedentary....oh Dears, predictably, she's put on rather a lot of weight!

This is my knitting basket, which looked so joyful as I was completing the last many colours to play with.....How fortunate I am to have such dazzling vibrations of colour to surround me. If I need to make a new colour, I try to create it with's fascinating....colour really enchants my work, which sings to me silently when I create harmonious colour schemes......

But oh, how much easier it would be if the Fae would leave socks out on the lawn for me to find in the morning! I think they might be calling Treadwell & me into the forest for another adventure, now that our work is done for a little while! Below is how it looked last moonth....the wildflowers will have changed by now, & soft, sappy growth is hardening up. The dappled light of the trees will be welcome protection from the Sun's burning rays, whereas last moonth, it was cold in the shadows.

Summer Solstice is almost here, so I am turning my attention to the garden wholeheartedly. It became very unruly whilst my attention was on making colourful things. I must go out & have a good old fashioned blitz on the weeds, & prune, & fertilise before the weather gets any hotter. This year, I haven't put in as many vegetables, although the herbs have done extraordinarily well, & my wool & fabrics will be scented with lavender, rosemary, pennyroyal & other delights, fresh from the garden. I am concentrating on building up the soil for Autumn planting.
I am very pleased to report my first crop of Elder flowers in 5 years from planting out cuttings,
& if I am very clever, & beat the rosellas, I may even get a small sprinkling of the berries, which I have never tasted yet have fantasized about in recipes from old cookery books for years!

Solstice Blessings to You! Wherever in the World you find yourself, may you enjoy balance, harmony and peace

With much love from Miss Marigold and Mr Treadwell

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  1. your xmas garland is gorgeous!
    looks to me like felted bits n bobs
    very creative indeed