Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello Everyone,the Silly Season is in full swing, & one of the silliest things you will hear at Marigold's place this week, is the sound of serious young kookaburras learning how to laugh. Not quite grasping the intricacies of voice production a la kookaburra, they sound like the turning of a rusty wheel, or someone attempting to speak whilst suffering acute laryngitis. Perhaps a throat losange would help..... They seem to be earnestly forcing the sound, rather than expressing themselves....This one spends much of its day on the clothesline, practicing looking imposing, whilst the parents gather food...just like a human teenager....

This is the flowering season, & even the "weeds" in the vegetable garden are pretty.

There are perhaps more of these self-sown beauties than vegetables this year, but the delight to my eye is almost as sustaining as the delight to my cooking pot!
I just love the way my namesake & Nigella flowers grow together!Nigella is very glamorous, & Miss Marigold is...a Miss Marigold!

There is also a good crop of Borage this year. I put the flowers into salads, but I leave a lot of seedlings where they germinate, because I adore the blue star-like flowers, the bees like it, & the soil seems to benefit from it growing there. I hear it is an herb for courage.
It makes Miss Marigold smile......

Hope you are smiling too.

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  1. i believe the borage flowers are also good for making candied food decorations, sending you a virtual cupcake decorated with such
    perhaps it would go down well with a sip of borage tea

    many birds are being vocal here at the moment too, busier bird season than usual, perhaps the combination of heat and rain with all the extra grass seeds and gum flowers etc

    we have a couple of honeyeaters loving the kangaroo paws at the moment