Sunday, January 1, 2012

By now I guess everyone has flipped the page on the calender & either surrendered to or embraced the arrival of 2012........

Each New Year, I like to make a little mandala in the front of a new visual diary as an act of faith & commitment to my work. This is the first time I have ever shared one of these, so I hope it inspires you.

Do you remember I was wishing The Fae would knit the Mtn Pixie Socks & leave them on the lawn for me to find in the morning?

I had quite a surprise on the morning of New Year's Eve, to find I now have a team of avid gardeners, taking up residence in the veg. garden.....but not of the Fae kind, more of the velvety, soft-eyed, long-eared, big family to feed sort...........

When I heard it was going to be a very hot & dry New Year, I wanted to harvest the garlic, which wasn't ready for harvest a week ago at Summer solstice. I like to put it out to dry in the sun before I bring it in & make plaited garlands for storage, because this improves its keeping ability over the long & damp Winter.

So off I set across the cool green grass to my vegetable garden. Firstly, I paused to admire the healthy lettuces & flowers. I am especially fond of the shape of leek flowers this year ......

Anyway, when I got to the middle of the garden, I paused to locate the purple beans I have just planted (yes, late, I know, but I am seeing if a late planting now the soil has warmed up works better than loosing the crop to rot & rodents....) and, I couldn't quite find them! Instead of there being a neat little path covered in dried weeds, I found freshly dug soil, piled up over the paths & just look what the mystery gardeners made whilst Marigold was getting her beauty sleep!

A tunnel UNDER the plants!

How clever......I think...It seems the fence around the garden gives a sense of safety from hungry cats & foxes......the cool greenery of rampant nasturtiums would offer cover on hot days from the many predatory birds that live & hunt here.

Well, as you can see below, there is herbage & greenery enough for us all at the present time, so I am watching with interest, to see what will happen. I am concerned the garden may cave in, & really want to fill in this new piece of landscape archetecture, but what do you think? If they are not nibbling my perfectly sweet lettuces, or nibbling the tender bean stalks as they did last year, why worry? They haven't even touched the chamomile flowers this year, which are usually their favourite fruit....

Oh! speaking of which, I must show you my first crop of elderberries! Aren't they beautiful?

Blessings of a New Calender Year to All! May 2012 be the year the world finds peace, may it be the year we All have enough of everything we need, including love, and may 2012 give Us All the confidence to take responsibility as individuals for dreaming our world.

Blessed Be


  1. Here's to dreaming our world, Ms M *clink*

    PS: That mandala is quite simply sensational :) There's some mystery in there, and so much expansiveness ... beautiful, beautiful blues :)

  2. yes, the phrase 'dreaming our world' caught my attention too

    how accepting you are, letting long-eared gardeners into your vegie patch

    thankyou for sharing one of your mandalas
    it reminds me of what those rabbits might see as they peer out of their burrows, past the greenery, and into big skies