Friday, September 18, 2015

A Mandala A Day - Superchicken Rides Again

Last weekend, I spontaneously created a private group on Facebook, to offer a safe space, in which to share a process, of creating a mandala every day, to see what would happen... I've never created a group before, but I took up the challenge, & it's going very well.

Last year for a month, a couple of online friends joined me to do this, and the effect was amazing... the boost in creative thinking was very noticeable, and I've been working hard ever since...

The image above is a personal symbol of mine, that I call "Superchicken". She appears from time to time, to encourage me to rise to life's challenges, and to remind me that I can do so many things if I just try...

Superchicken arrived this morning, to re-assure me that I'm doing well, in spite of feeling overwhelmed by the shear volume of work I've taken on this year.
She tells me that:
I AM the Little Red Engine ( I think I can, I think I can...)
I AM my own  Powerhouse
I AM staying afloat over big waves, as my creative babies all need my attention

I DO sprout blooms & bells off the top of my head...

Superchicken is kitted up to fly, and with a lot of fiery energy beneath her wings...

She tells me firmly, that I must make a supreme effort... and I'll be alright.

Art as therapy is powerful medicine!


  1. I have to know what Superchicken's theme music is :-)

    and well done on creating the mandala group and growing it each and every day

    1. Thank you Kel. I wonder what music she's use too? Will have to ask her!