Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 15 - a mandala a day "Off Grid"

Was very surprised this came out of my pencils this morning...

I suppose the illusion of safety in numbers, of fitting in to a community... of any kind... it can be toxic in the long run...

Golden swirls of energy and inspiration can flow more freely when not cramped, and growth expands into something that supports life... hmm..

That's big, for the first task of the day...


  1. Loving where these mandalas are taking you, M.

    I have been fighting to find a balance forever with this. I guess we all do, right? I'm sort of something akin to a hermit a lot of the time, but I crave community. For so long I used to think for some reason that that was an anomaly but it's not, really, is it? I mean, you can have community that's not necessarily everyone bursting in and out of each other's houses all day long, or calling each other up every five minutes. Community is like an unspoken thing, sometimes, and I like that very much.

    1. I guess there are all sorts of styles of community, Sue... This mandala is about stepping away from the crowd... following my own creativity... because for me, that's healthy... A lot of artists find they can't "fit in" neatly.. This mandala is also about pollution... I don't want to be part of the destruction